2011 winter newsletter online

Casa Ricci flagship communication vehicle -- newsletter “Encounter”, available in 4 languages English, Chinese, Spanish and German, is now available for download at
The newsletter is dedicated to our late founder Fr. Luis Ruiz.

Fr. Fernando, Director of Casa Ricci and successor of Fr. Luis Ruiz, commented at the editorial the 4 lessons of Fr. Ruiz:

  1. solidarity means personal friendship with those who suffer
  2. real friendship with the poor and marginalized means to live with them and build communities with them
  3. neither trust too much your own strengths, nor be discouraged by your own limits. His secret was to rely only on God’s powerful love and to not be afraid to follow His inspirations to start new and challenging works.
  4. we should firmly believe in every person’s capacity to love
Click here for Fr. Fernando’s editorial: CRSS Encounter-11w(ENG)v2-e-FrRuiz4Lessons
In the name of Casa Ricci and all the people we serve, Fr. Fernando wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a year 2012 full of joy and hope!

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