Prosthesis Service for PAL

Since 2010, Casa Ricci Social Services has been cooperating with Fr. Roberto Tonetto of Ya-Xi Marynoll, centre to give the leprosy centers (that we have connection with) in China a prosthesis service. This service provides wheelchairs, handrails and their maintenance, hand and leg prosthesis installation and maintenance.
Casa Ricci Social Services is responsible for the trip expenses including meals and labour expenditure. During the year 2010 to 2014, this service have provided 130 prosthesis services in 14 different centers in 6 provinces, with a total of 50 people benefited.


Visit from Australia

One visit to Ricci home, a letter to Fr. Fernando Azpiroz, S.J.
Dear Fr Fernando,
I was recently sorting through piles of family photos and came across the attached colour photo that I would have taken of my late mother, Marie Reading, together with Fr Ruiz at the time of our day visit to Casa Ricci in 1990.
At that time, Fr Ruiz was getting around in his motor cycle and he left a deep impression on me regarding the work he was doing. My mother had made donations to Casa Ricci over the years.
At the time of our visit that day, in which he also said Mass, I suggested that he be very careful on his motorcycle. In a complete expression of faith I can still remember that he replied to me “If God wants me to continue to do his work—he will protect me”.
He is a wonderful man of God.
Bless you all.
Adrian Reading
Western Australia
March 2015

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Dental-care service of Mobile Team

Mr. Huang’s wife who has had sight restored, but still does not have ability to walk. Besides these problems she dearly wants to be able to eat beef. But she only has one tooth. Mr. Huang has great concern and love for his wife and each time our mobile service team come to Xinyi he puts her on a stool to watch. She has some mental disability too which makes it difficult. Because of this we could not make a mold, but we removed her one tooth.

In 2013, our
dental-care service examined 1158 Persons Affected by Leprosy (PALs) in which 562 PALs cases attended: 3274 molds, 422 extractions, 2989 false teeth implanted.

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Mobile Care Unit now provides dental services

CRSS’s Mobile Care Unit is piloting a dental service in addition to the eye cataract surgery and eye lid repair services to the People Affected by Leprosy (PAL) in rural villages. This new dental service helps to restore dental health to PALs by implanting the necessary teeth. The pilot is conducted in southern part of China first and will be extended to the whole of China. Casa Ricci has been providing eye services to PALs living in China rural villages since 2006, examined over 6,000 cases and served 2,700 operations in 138 villages in 18 provinces.


Christmas celebration with Rehabs

CRSS celebrated this past Christmas with the people we served in the leprosarium and children home. Singing, dancing, the appearance of Santa Claus and presents were greeted with smiles and joy in the people affected by leprosy, this time in Lufeng, Yunnan. The celebration ended with a mass and a stomach-filled lunch to fill the spiritual and physical needs for all.

2012-12-25 Christmas Lufeng

New student summer camp benefits many

The new CRSS student summer camp was held in Maowangdong, Yunnan on 6 to 20 August, 2012. Its purpose is to provide for those students receiving CRSS subsidy an opportunity to increase self awareness and development; and at the same time experience the joy of using ones’ effort to help people in need. This group of six students brought happy moments and hope to the remote villagers through teaching the rural children, visiting the elderly and those rehabilitated people and variety show night gathering.

2012-8 Qiubei Students activity_800

Zhaojue moving!

Deep in the high mountain of Sichuan province, the Zhaojue Leprosarium has recently moved to a new site in February. Built by local government, the new Leprosarium is a multi-building complex with a hospital and school. The former dormitories were built by CRSS in 2002 (10-year ago). Zhaojue is one of the sites where CRSS & partner have frontline workers stationed to provide service to the leprosy-affected community there.


Christmas celebration with rehabs

With the help of volunteer from Friends of Casa Ricci, CRSS celebrated this past Christmas with the rehab people affected by leprosy in one of the leprosariums in Guangdong, China. A “mid-night”mass was organized for those religious villagers. Celebration dinner, games, songs and lucky draw help to push the festive atmosphere to new height as participants were smiling with their souvenirs.


Three rehab centers became independent of CRSS aids

The main goal of CRSS is to help marginalized community to become independent. As China provinces improves the living condition of the leprosy community, those rehab centers no longer requires subsidy from CRSS. The Jiangsu Taixing leprosy community recently moved into a new dormitory with much improved living condition. Therefore starting from 1 April, 2011, CRSS stop the living aids to 245 people affected by leprosy there. Two other rehab centers in Fujian Nanping and Fuqing have similar improved living conditions and were also removed from subsidy starting 2nd quarters 2011.

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Qiubei Rehab Center renovation

The Qiubei Rehab Center was first built in 2002 by Casa Ricci. Due to extreme weather condition, it was necessary to renovate the premises to prevent further deterioration. The project was completed in 2010.

The worn down building at the back is a village school, in contrast with the newly renovated rehab center in the front.

Fr. Ruiz visit to Hanzhong

Fr. Ruiz and Fr. Peyton paid a visit to Hanzhong leprosy center on 13-14 October 2010. The leper patients were happy to see him back. More photos here.