Visit from Australia

One visit to Ricci home, a letter to Fr. Fernando Azpiroz, S.J.
Dear Fr Fernando,
I was recently sorting through piles of family photos and came across the attached colour photo that I would have taken of my late mother, Marie Reading, together with Fr Ruiz at the time of our day visit to Casa Ricci in 1990.
At that time, Fr Ruiz was getting around in his motor cycle and he left a deep impression on me regarding the work he was doing. My mother had made donations to Casa Ricci over the years.
At the time of our visit that day, in which he also said Mass, I suggested that he be very careful on his motorcycle. In a complete expression of faith I can still remember that he replied to me “If God wants me to continue to do his work—he will protect me”.
He is a wonderful man of God.
Bless you all.
Adrian Reading
Western Australia
March 2015

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