Community Development

Value education training completed

Four days of training in April for education on value had finished successfully, participants took photo for memory.

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Children drawn on papers what good things they had done to their families, learned and shared value of respect.

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All children sit together to watch and share what they had learned about "lesson of value in education" training learning experience four days.

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Training increase the capability of the community

Training in Luduke, Yunnan. Learning communication skills through activities.

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Access road a reality with micro-finance

Letong Shan (勒通山) is a poor village in south-west of Yunnan Province. The government funding to build the access road is not enough. The villagers used the interests generated from the micro-finance money provided by CRSS to match the government funding to build the road to outside world. Now the road is a reality. Micro-finance provided by CRSS requires the interests to be kept at the village level for their own community use.


Launching of Yunnan Ludeke micro-finance

Ludeke micro-finance was officially launched in Jan 2011 to help the villagers to finance projects to improve their daily living. Ludeke is a small village about 250Km south-east of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, China.


Training on ABCD Community Development

CRSS conducted a 2-day training workshop on “ABCD” which stands for Asset-Based Community Development in Malong County, Yunnan Province starting today. Thirteen Sisters and volunteers working in Yunnan in CRSS centers attended the training. More photos here.