Friends of CRSS

CRSS volunteers visited our children

CRSS volunteers from Macau paid a visit to one of our children homes in Guangdong province in early July. They played like kids with our children and brought them joy and laughters. A delicious dim-sim lunch filled their stomachs and the gathering ended with some gifts for our children. CRSS volunteering are one of the working groups formed back in May 2012 to further Fr. Ruiz charity work in China.


Friends of CRSS - 3rd Macau gathering - moving forwards

The third Macau Friends of CRSS gathering concluded with establishment of 4 working groups to further Fr. Ruiz loving spirit and charity work in China. These are Fund-raising, Prayer, Volunteering and Communication work group. The first prayer meeting will be on Friday 25 May at 8pm at the Jesuits Residence Chapel (picture below). For more information and photos, please visit the Photo Album here.


Christmas celebration with rehabs

With the help of volunteer from Friends of Casa Ricci, CRSS celebrated this past Christmas with the rehab people affected by leprosy in one of the leprosariums in Guangdong, China. A “mid-night”mass was organized for those religious villagers. Celebration dinner, games, songs and lucky draw help to push the festive atmosphere to new height as participants were smiling with their souvenirs.


Let's continue the mission of our smiling angel

The funeral and burial service for late Fr. Luis Ruiz Suarez was completed on the evening of 3 August at the Catholic Cathedral, Macau and St. Michael Cemetery respectively.


Fr. Fernando Azpiroz, Vice-Chairman of CRSS and successor of Fr. Ruiz, said in the homily of Fr. Ruiz funeral mass that he was an angel to reveal the presence of God. Once his mission was accomplished, he has to leave and let God to stay with us. Let us continue Fr. Ruiz’s mission to help the poorest of the poor.
Click here to read Fr. Fernando’s homily:

Click here to read the life of Fr. Ruiz and the memorial card.

CRSS deeply sorrow on death of Founder Fr. Ruiz

Fr. Ruiz passed away on 26 July, Funeral Service scheduled on 3 Aug 2011

Friends of CRSS - Macau gathering

The first Friends of CRSS gathering was successfully held for our Macau friends on 28 May 2011. About 20 CRSS friends and staff spent a Saturday afternoon with Fr. L. Ruiz, founder of Casa Ricci and many social services organization in Macau, sharing his unique way of serving the most needy in China with his endless energy and devotion. At the end, Fr. Fernando Azpiroz, successor of Fr. Ruiz, spoke about the many ways our friends can support us. Here are a couple of photos of the event.

Volunteer Simon Chung introduced the work of Fr. Ruiz

The group photo