Christmas celebration with Rehabs

CRSS celebrated this past Christmas with the people we served in the leprosarium and children home. Singing, dancing, the appearance of Santa Claus and presents were greeted with smiles and joy in the people affected by leprosy, this time in Lufeng, Yunnan. The celebration ended with a mass and a stomach-filled lunch to fill the spiritual and physical needs for all.

2012-12-25 Christmas Lufeng

Christmas celebration with rehabs

With the help of volunteer from Friends of Casa Ricci, CRSS celebrated this past Christmas with the rehab people affected by leprosy in one of the leprosariums in Guangdong, China. A “mid-night”mass was organized for those religious villagers. Celebration dinner, games, songs and lucky draw help to push the festive atmosphere to new height as participants were smiling with their souvenirs.