Making of CRSS Calendar 2013

The CRSS calendar 2013 was completed and delivered to our Macau office in October. These calendars were made by the people affected by HIV, volunteers and sisters in our Loving Care Center in Hongjiang, Hunan.
The Calendar was made with more than 10 steps, these include: design the calendar, and handover to the printing shop to print the paper calendar; transport the bamboo to the center; hand-weave the Chinese knot; cut-off the skin from the bamboo and cut into small sections according to the knot of the bamboo; cut the rounded bamboo section into halves, soak into limewater to avoid bugs, wash and dry; polish the bamboo; imprint the words and edges; select the good paper calendar; spray, paint and dry the bamboo; cut hallow the Chinese character “信”(Faith); install the paper calendar with the bamboo; count the finished product; packaging; place the packages into boxes and perform quality inspection; seal the boxes, weight and mail out.
The 2013 calendars will be sent to our benefactors and friends in batches in early December with our newsletter “Encounter” and hopefully to be received in time before the year end.

2012-9 making of calendar 2013

Termination of current way of cooperation with Aids Care China (ACC)

Below is an announcement from CRSS director Fr. Fernando Azpiroz ref the 3 HIV children homes: Termination of Partnership-ACC

Dear friends of Casa Ricci,

In the last week of August 2012, our partner Aids Care China (ACC), had decided to finish their current way cooperation with Casa Ricci and without previous consultation proceeded to move all the children under their legal care out of the Children Homes in Guangzhou and Kunming. As a consequence of ACC’s decision, in a meeting held at Guangzhou on September 1st, 2012, both organizations agreed to sign the termination of our current way of cooperation, as described in the original

Following the termination of our partnership, ACC will take full responsibility of all the children who are under their legal care, including those who live at the Nanning Children home. In order to prevent further conflicts, ACC promised to make the necessary arrangements to move out of this home in one month’s time. Both organizations are now free to develop and manage their own children homes according to their own values and principles.

After more than five years of mutual cooperation, this is a painful experience for the children and the people working in these three homes. CRSS’ community will never regret what we have done and built together with ACC during all these years. We just feel sorry for the way this cooperation has abruptly ended, and for the unnecessary pain this will cause in the more than 30 children who were under our mutual care. We hope and believe that ACC will take good care of them, giving them all the support they need to go through this painful experience.

CRSS is willing and ready to face the big challenge of rebuilding these three HIV Children homes (Nanning, Guangzhou and Kunming). We know that God will give us strength and guide us to find those children who need our help. We also count on your support to start again with renew spirit.

Fernando Azpiroz
CRSS - Director
September 3th, 2012

CRSS volunteers visited our children

CRSS volunteers from Macau paid a visit to one of our children homes in Guangdong province in early July. They played like kids with our children and brought them joy and laughters. A delicious dim-sim lunch filled their stomachs and the gathering ended with some gifts for our children. CRSS volunteering are one of the working groups formed back in May 2012 to further Fr. Ruiz charity work in China.


New Home of Red Ribbon launch

A new Casa Ricci Home of Red Ribbon for the prevention and assistive treatment of HIV-related disease was opened in Zhuhai yesterday. Vice-mayor of Zhuhai City, Ms. Deng Qunfeng, officially declared the home open after unveiling the plaque with Casa Ricci Director Fr. Fernando. The Home resides in the Sun Yuet-San University 5th Affiliated Hospital near the beautiful coast line of Zhuhai. This is one of the several HIV-related centers that Casa Ricci operates to help the HIV affected or infected patients.

Vice-major Ms. Deng Qunfeng shake hand with CRSS Director Fr. Fernando after unveiling the plague

Making of CRSS 2012 calendar

CRSS earlier this year had placed order for the second time of hanging calendars from Hunan Loving Care Center in order to thank our benefactors and friends. These 1,800 plus calendars arrived on time in late October showing the working capability of the Loving Care Center. Their center-in-charge shared their making of the calendar with CRSS and said: “Most of our workers in the center are HIV affected people and they are finding joy and hope in their life when they see the end products in their hands. They felt they are still capable and continue to reshape their life. We as helpers can also experienced their mutual love and sharing of their life.”
Press here for all the details of the sharing:
Making of CRSS Calendar 2012-EN

The 2012 calendars will be sent to our benefactors and friends in batches in late November hopefully to be received in time before the year end.

2011-autumn-Hongjiang-calendar collate2

Children Home open house

Our fourth Children Home marked its first open house today. It is the result in partnership with AIDS Care China and with the strong support of the Maryknoll Fathers (special thanks to Fr. Tom Peyton and Fr. Scott Harris). We are grateful to Fu Tak Iam Foundation for providing whole funding for the fit-up of the new facility. More photos here.

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