Fr. Ruiz

Fr. Ruiz's death 5 years anniversaries

Remembering our dear Father Luis Ruiz, who shared with us many gifts, but the most important is our mission to serve the needy. We can continue this mission to help and bring hope and joy to the poorest in China in the same way he has taught us: to be close to them, to serving and learning from them.


1st Anniversary Celebration of Fr. Ruiz's death

Casa Ricci gracefully celebrated the 1st anniversary of the death of our beloved founder Fr. Luis Ruiz today with an internal sharing and a thanks-giving mass. Fr. Howard Lui, head of the Jesuites Community in Macau, presided over the mass with a special prayer by Fr. Fernando Azpiroz, successor and Executive Director of CRSS. Fr. Fernando shared at the Homily that Fr. Ruiz has a faith like the mustard seed (as in today Bible - Matthew 13: 31-35) to give plenty of space to cooperate with God. He also understands how to be humble to cooperate with others like yeast in flour, all for the benefit of the poor. Most of us agreed that besides faith, perseverance to pursue till the end is key to the success of Fr. Ruiz.


Let's continue the mission of our smiling angel

The funeral and burial service for late Fr. Luis Ruiz Suarez was completed on the evening of 3 August at the Catholic Cathedral, Macau and St. Michael Cemetery respectively.


Fr. Fernando Azpiroz, Vice-Chairman of CRSS and successor of Fr. Ruiz, said in the homily of Fr. Ruiz funeral mass that he was an angel to reveal the presence of God. Once his mission was accomplished, he has to leave and let God to stay with us. Let us continue Fr. Ruiz’s mission to help the poorest of the poor.
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CRSS deeply sorrow on death of Founder Fr. Ruiz

Fr. Ruiz passed away on 26 July, Funeral Service scheduled on 3 Aug 2011

YouTube on story of Fr. Ruiz - Source of Joy

Source of Joy - story of Fr. Luis Ruiz of Macao now available on YouTube

This documentary (31 minutes) is about a Spanish Jesuit priest whose entire life has been dedicated to SERVE God and all those in need. His selfless love has enabled people trapped in darkness and misery to feel God’s warmth, to experience hope, and to drink water from the Spring of Life.

Chinese PuTongHua:

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This film is dedicated to Fr. Ruiz and to all our benefactors who have supported us.