Value education training completed

Four days of training in April for education on value had finished successfully, participants took photo for memory.

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Children drawn on papers what good things they had done to their families, learned and shared value of respect.

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All children sit together to watch and share what they had learned about "lesson of value in education" training learning experience four days.

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Children education in remote villages

Children age 9-12 years in student events have the value of collaboration and cooperation of experience, adhere to the spirit and so on.

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Termination of current way of cooperation with Aids Care China (ACC)

Below is an announcement from CRSS director Fr. Fernando Azpiroz ref the 3 HIV children homes: Termination of Partnership-ACC

Dear friends of Casa Ricci,

In the last week of August 2012, our partner Aids Care China (ACC), had decided to finish their current way cooperation with Casa Ricci and without previous consultation proceeded to move all the children under their legal care out of the Children Homes in Guangzhou and Kunming. As a consequence of ACC’s decision, in a meeting held at Guangzhou on September 1st, 2012, both organizations agreed to sign the termination of our current way of cooperation, as described in the original

Following the termination of our partnership, ACC will take full responsibility of all the children who are under their legal care, including those who live at the Nanning Children home. In order to prevent further conflicts, ACC promised to make the necessary arrangements to move out of this home in one month’s time. Both organizations are now free to develop and manage their own children homes according to their own values and principles.

After more than five years of mutual cooperation, this is a painful experience for the children and the people working in these three homes. CRSS’ community will never regret what we have done and built together with ACC during all these years. We just feel sorry for the way this cooperation has abruptly ended, and for the unnecessary pain this will cause in the more than 30 children who were under our mutual care. We hope and believe that ACC will take good care of them, giving them all the support they need to go through this painful experience.

CRSS is willing and ready to face the big challenge of rebuilding these three HIV Children homes (Nanning, Guangzhou and Kunming). We know that God will give us strength and guide us to find those children who need our help. We also count on your support to start again with renew spirit.

Fernando Azpiroz
CRSS - Director
September 3th, 2012

New student summer camp benefits many

The new CRSS student summer camp was held in Maowangdong, Yunnan on 6 to 20 August, 2012. Its purpose is to provide for those students receiving CRSS subsidy an opportunity to increase self awareness and development; and at the same time experience the joy of using ones’ effort to help people in need. This group of six students brought happy moments and hope to the remote villagers through teaching the rural children, visiting the elderly and those rehabilitated people and variety show night gathering.

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CRSS volunteers visited our children

CRSS volunteers from Macau paid a visit to one of our children homes in Guangdong province in early July. They played like kids with our children and brought them joy and laughters. A delicious dim-sim lunch filled their stomachs and the gathering ended with some gifts for our children. CRSS volunteering are one of the working groups formed back in May 2012 to further Fr. Ruiz charity work in China.