Making of CRSS Calendar 2013

The CRSS calendar 2013 was completed and delivered to our Macau office in October. These calendars were made by the people affected by HIV, volunteers and sisters in our Loving Care Center in Hongjiang, Hunan.
The Calendar was made with more than 10 steps, these include: design the calendar, and handover to the printing shop to print the paper calendar; transport the bamboo to the center; hand-weave the Chinese knot; cut-off the skin from the bamboo and cut into small sections according to the knot of the bamboo; cut the rounded bamboo section into halves, soak into limewater to avoid bugs, wash and dry; polish the bamboo; imprint the words and edges; select the good paper calendar; spray, paint and dry the bamboo; cut hallow the Chinese character “信”(Faith); install the paper calendar with the bamboo; count the finished product; packaging; place the packages into boxes and perform quality inspection; seal the boxes, weight and mail out.
The 2013 calendars will be sent to our benefactors and friends in batches in early December with our newsletter “Encounter” and hopefully to be received in time before the year end.

2012-9 making of calendar 2013

1st Anniversary Celebration of Fr. Ruiz's death

Casa Ricci gracefully celebrated the 1st anniversary of the death of our beloved founder Fr. Luis Ruiz today with an internal sharing and a thanks-giving mass. Fr. Howard Lui, head of the Jesuites Community in Macau, presided over the mass with a special prayer by Fr. Fernando Azpiroz, successor and Executive Director of CRSS. Fr. Fernando shared at the Homily that Fr. Ruiz has a faith like the mustard seed (as in today Bible - Matthew 13: 31-35) to give plenty of space to cooperate with God. He also understands how to be humble to cooperate with others like yeast in flour, all for the benefit of the poor. Most of us agreed that besides faith, perseverance to pursue till the end is key to the success of Fr. Ruiz.


2011 winter newsletter online

Casa Ricci flagship communication vehicle -- newsletter “Encounter”, available in 4 languages English, Chinese, Spanish and German, is now available for download at
The newsletter is dedicated to our late founder Fr. Luis Ruiz.

Fr. Fernando, Director of Casa Ricci and successor of Fr. Luis Ruiz, commented at the editorial the 4 lessons of Fr. Ruiz:

  1. solidarity means personal friendship with those who suffer
  2. real friendship with the poor and marginalized means to live with them and build communities with them
  3. neither trust too much your own strengths, nor be discouraged by your own limits. His secret was to rely only on God’s powerful love and to not be afraid to follow His inspirations to start new and challenging works.
  4. we should firmly believe in every person’s capacity to love
Click here for Fr. Fernando’s editorial: CRSS Encounter-11w(ENG)v2-e-FrRuiz4Lessons
In the name of Casa Ricci and all the people we serve, Fr. Fernando wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a year 2012 full of joy and hope!

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Making of CRSS 2012 calendar

CRSS earlier this year had placed order for the second time of hanging calendars from Hunan Loving Care Center in order to thank our benefactors and friends. These 1,800 plus calendars arrived on time in late October showing the working capability of the Loving Care Center. Their center-in-charge shared their making of the calendar with CRSS and said: “Most of our workers in the center are HIV affected people and they are finding joy and hope in their life when they see the end products in their hands. They felt they are still capable and continue to reshape their life. We as helpers can also experienced their mutual love and sharing of their life.”
Press here for all the details of the sharing:
Making of CRSS Calendar 2012-EN

The 2012 calendars will be sent to our benefactors and friends in batches in late November hopefully to be received in time before the year end.

2011-autumn-Hongjiang-calendar collate2

CRSS blog in Chinese is now available

The Chinese version of CRSS blogs is now available.
It contains the Chinese translation or originals of our English and Spanish blogs.
Please visit:

YouTube on story of Fr. Ruiz - Source of Joy

Source of Joy - story of Fr. Luis Ruiz of Macao now available on YouTube

This documentary (31 minutes) is about a Spanish Jesuit priest whose entire life has been dedicated to SERVE God and all those in need. His selfless love has enabled people trapped in darkness and misery to feel God’s warmth, to experience hope, and to drink water from the Spring of Life.

Chinese PuTongHua:

Part 1: -
Part 2: -
Part 3: -
Part 4: -

Part 1: -
Part 2: -
Part 3: -

Part 1: -
Part 2: -
Part 3: -
Part 4: -

This film is dedicated to Fr. Ruiz and to all our benefactors who have supported us.

Retirement of Ms. Eliza Yuen

Our long-time serving staff Ms. Eliza Yuen finished her last day in the CRSS Macau office on 31 Dec 2010. She has worked here for more than 30 years in both Carita and Casa Ricci Social Services. We wish her a happy and rewarding retirement.


Encounter Oct 2010 now available

The latest CRSS newsletter - Encounter Oct 2010 is now available in four languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and German. It has been sent to our benefactors and friends in November. Other interested party can send a request by e-mail to

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